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Hier der Link zu unserem Spielkalender. Wenn Ihr Termine habt, bitte dort eintragen, dann tun wir uns viel leichter mit der Planung:

Hier geht’s zum eigentlichen Aventurien-Lexikon: Aventurien

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Neue Seiten kreieren

Name schreiben, dann mit doppelten eckigen Klammern einrahmen: Neue Seite. Beim Speichern der Seite wird der Link erzeugt; dann einfach draufklicken, um loszulegen.

Linking to existing pages

To link to existing pages, use the same double square brackets. For example, here’s a link to the this page: Main Page

Linking to a page with different text

If you don’t want to use the page’s name as the link text, you can specify your own text by placing a vertical bar | and the link text in the link like so: The Text To Display

Linking to characters and items

To link to a character or item, use the same double square brackets, but also use a colon. The text to put in the brackets is the slug for the character. Here is an example: Content Not Found: retread

If your character has no slug, you can use the ID number, like so: Content Not Found: 2.

For PCs and NPCs in your campaign, you can just use the PC/NPC Link Lookup in the sidebar to the right. It’s quite handy!

Linking to characters and items with different text

Just like wiki links, it’s possible to link to a character or item using alternate text. Here’s an example: Content Not Found: retread

HTML and Textile

To style things how you want, you can use either HTML (with some restrictions) or a simple formatting language called Textile. It’s up to you, but Textile is pretty easy, while simultaneously allowing for lots of customization.

Main Page

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